#35 | Rat Creek Watershed

The Rat Creek Watershed has an area of about 180.5 square miles. The Creek begins west of Rossendale at elevation 1160 feet and flows north to MacDonald and then joins the Whitemud River about 3 miles from Lake Manitoba. The total drop is 340 feet over about 35 miles. Most of the drop is in the most southerly ten miles.

Other significant waterways include Wolfe Drain, Deep Creek and Perch Creek.

This subdistrict includes portions of the municipalities of Portage la Prairie and North Norfolk. The committee is made up of a councilor from each municipality and a rate payer from each.

The subdistrict’s annual maintenance budget is about $75,000.

The subdistrict committee is:

Karl Voesenek (North Norfolk)……….204-252-2687
Kerry Tomchuk (North Norfolk)……….204-252-2219
Roy Tufford (Portage la Prairie)……….204-252-2757
Todd Thurston (Portage la Prairie)……….204-871-0336