#36 | Westbourne Drain

The Westbourne Drain Watershed has an area of about 165 square miles. The Creek begins in the sand hills south of MacGregor at elevation 1175 feet and flows north to Westbourne. The total drop is about 350 feet over about 20 miles (150 feet in the first 3 or 4 miles).

Other significant waterways include Anderson Drain, Beaver Creek, Image Creek and Bindon Drain.

This subdistrict includes portions of the municipalities of Westlake-Gladstone and North Norfolk.

The subdistrict’s annual maintenance budget is about $75,000.

The subdistrict committee is:

Bill Wieler (North Norfolk)………..204-685-2694
Ken Wright (North Norfolk)………..204-685-2544
Gerald Doell (Westlake-Gladstone)………..204-385-3085