About WWD

The Whitemud District was created in 1972, Manitoba’s first conservation district. The boundaries and subdistricts were formed on watershed boundaries so water issues could be dealt with effectively. The members of the main board and eight subdistrict committees all live within the the Whitemud River watershed.

The watershed is 2747 square miles and includes all or part of the municipalities of Rosedale, Langford, Odanah, Minto, North Cypress, WestLake-Gladstone, Glenella-Lansdowne, Portage la Prairie, North Norfolk, Alonsa, and McCreary. Also included are the communities of Glenella, Plumas, Gladstone, Neepawa, Carberry, Rosedale, Austin, MacGregor and others. The district includes 8500 neighbours looking for the best ways to manage the district’s land and water resources.

Our Vision

The Whitemud Watershed District envisions a healthy sustainable diverse landscape capable of providing economic, social and environmental benefits for current and future generations.