GROW Program

The GROW Program is a new program being implemented in the Whitemud Watershed District. GROW promotes conservation of natural areas or changes to land uses that provide Ecological Goods and Services (EG&S) by helping producers develop projects that maintain or improve local watershed health and work for their operations. This program will contribute funds to projects that meet these goals of the program:

Priority Outcomes

  • improved watershed resilience to the impacts of a changing climate (e.g., extreme weather events, drought, flooding)
  • improved water quality (e.g., improved nutrient management)


  • improved on-farm water management
  • enhanced sustainable agricultural production
  • improved biodiversity and habitat
  • carbon sequestration and storage

For more information about what are eligible projects that fall under this program please click the following link:

GROW Program Guide for Landowners


To apply for GROW Funding click the following link:

GROW Application