Rosedale Farm Conservation

The Rosedale demonstration farm is on the steep slopes of the Manitoba Escarpment five miles west of the town of Eden. In the 1960’s it became apparent that traditional farming practices were not sustainable on these slopes.

The municipalities sought help from the Province. The government responded by purchasing the eroded land allowing the land owners to move to land better suited to grain farming.

As parcels were purchased, land conversion projects were implemented. For the most part this included revegetating the land with trees, shrubs and forage. The forage land was leased to neighbouring farmers providing a valuable source of quality hay for cattle operations in the area.

The SE and NW of 23-16-16W were purchased in 1966 and was used to test and demonstrate practical solutions to the erosion problem. In 1971 the NE quarter was added.

First some 200,000 trees were planted over three years. Two small dams were built in 1969. Also in 1969 the first forage crop, 10,600 bales were taken from 159 acres

In 1977 the Whitemud Conservation District took over the farm, demonstrating good management practices to landowners in the area and visitors from across Canada. Everyone is welcome to tour the farm.

For more information on the history of the farm and the area see our brochure as a pdf document.

Rosedale Farm Brochure


Also click here for maps of the farm with a hiking trail and modest facilities shown.